Leg length discrepancy

Leg length discrepancy is where one leg is longer than the other.

This can result from a variety of reasons such as:

  • previous injury to a leg bone
  • previous surgery to a leg bone (i.e. hip replacement)
  • bone infection as a child

Depending on the magnitude of the discrepancy the body can often adapt itself and function quite normally. However for many the altered mechanics required to compensate can result in:

  • lower back pain
  • IT band syndrome
  • piriformis syndrome
  • hip pain

Our podiatrists are trained to identify leg length discrepancies and implement measures to assist when required

Treatment can be through many different methods and the podiatrist can treat according to the severity. Treatment options include:

  • orthotics
  • heel lifts
  • modified or custom footwear
  • stretching and strengthening programs
  • physical therapy