Feet and Multiple Sclerosis

Some of the sypmtoms or Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can have an effect on the feet and lower limb.

Patients can experience some of the following:

  • numbness, tingling and itchiness
  • loss of proprioception (oss of feeling)
  • swelling (oedema) of the lower limb
  • changes in gait including foot drop

The importance of maintaining optimal foot health with MS should not be overlooked. Managing the above sysmptoms along with ensuring the feet are treated by professionals can assist in keeping the feet functioning.

A person with MS can benefit from:

  • general podiatry care
  • biomechancial and orthotic care
  • oedema management

You can be assured that our podiatrists will work closely along side other members of the patients care team to encourage wholistic care for the patient.