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Eastern Foot Care Podiatrists Jade Tirpkou discusses what features to look for in a school shoe prior to children and young adults returning for Term 1, 2019 Choosing the correct school is very important. School age kids can spend up to 13 years in these shoes and in that time ... Read More



Keryflex Nail Restoration

Are your toenails fit for summer? Introducing Keryflex Nail Restoration If you have been concerned about the appearance of your toenails over summer and would like a medical solution, then Eastern Foot Care has just the thing. Introducing Keryflex Nail Restoration that restores the appearance of an individual's natural nails. Keryflex ... Read More


Our expert Dance Podiatrist, Sarah Bowling, discusses why a pre pointe assessment is an investment in your dancing longevity. A Pre- Pointe Assessment is a very valuable way to assess the readiness of each dancer for Pointe work as well ... Read More


Footwear is an important part of any sport when looking at prevention of injuries, rehabilitating from injury and improving comfort when playing and training. There are so many different shoes and brands and it can sometimes be a daunting prospect ... Read More


Eastern Foot Care would like to congratulate Podiatrist Nick Ryan on commencing a training position as a Surgical Registrar with the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons. Nick will be undertaking an extensive training program with the College as he embarks on the path to Fellowship. He will remain in his current capacity ... Read More


  As the football and soccer seasons kick off, players begin looking for a boot that will last the entire season, be comfortable and not increase their risk for injury. As AFL and soccer are different sports with differing ... Read More


As a Dance Podiatrist I obviously have a keen eye for anything dance related, particularly when it relates to foot and ankle injury. I came across this article which surveyed injuries in 195 dancers. Out of the 195 dancers surveyed 97% had experienced at least one significant injury in ... Read More


The "High Ankle Sprain" - what's the deal? By Nick Ryan, Eastern Foot Care Sports Podiatrist     Major news in the AFL world this week. Geelong Captain Joel Selwood is set to undergo ankle surgery to repair ... Read More


  With many players having started their pre preseason campaign or having commenced their NPL season, we receive many enquiries asking for simple tips and advice when it comes to selecting the right soccer boot. Whether you are young or old, everyone needs help selecting a ... Read More


    The plantar plate is a fibrocartilaginous tissue which is like a non stretchy band that sits along the base of the phalanges or toe bones and protects the metatarsal heads from pressure and overextension of the toes. ... Read More